Belle Aire Creations Hire Announcement: Martha Kimbrough

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Libertyville, Illinois, June 24, 2022

Belle Aire Creations is proud to announce the appointment of Martha Kimbrough as Executive Vice President-Retail
Business Unit, effective June 24, 2022. The creation of this new position highlights the company’s continued strategic
focus on providing fragrance experiences to our partners in the ever changing consumer landscape. Martha’s
appointment will drive further momentum as Belle Aire Creations seeks new opportunities that push the boundaries of
what is possible for long-term profitable growth.

Martha Kimbrough has dedicated her professional career to the fragrance industry with a relentless focus on customer
needs. Martha began her fragrance career at Givaudan as Vice President International Account Manager where she
secured lifelong relationships that took her on new and exciting adventures. Following her tenure at Givaudan, Martha
furthered her experience at Manheimer Fragrance which was later acquired by Symrise. Prior to joining Belle Aire
Creations, Martha held the role of Vice President Sales, Fragrance Division at Mane USA where she focused on
expanding sales efforts through building meaningful partnerships within the retail sector.

Belle Aire Creations has been on a successful journey to strengthen the relationships with our partners while enhancing
our capabilities. Our team embarked upon a strategy in 2021 to enhance our business portfolio focusing on end markets
driven by trending fragrances, innovative technologies, and captivating marketing. Belle Aire Creations has always
demonstrated a customer-first approach while creating blueprints for success. In this new role, Martha will continue this
path by fostering current and future relations while helping them to accelerate growth through our turnkey design
platform, Makers Blend. Martha along with the Makers Blend team will identify, gain alignment, and sell in existing and
new product concepts to new or existing retail clients.

The Executive Vice President-Retail Business Unit will be responsible for understanding key retail accounts and building
the business through fact-based knowledge by positioning new products and programs with fragrances and technologies
curated by Belle Aire Creations. The Makers Blend team will further support this new strategy with concept to creation
work that aligns between our two companies. Stacey David, CEO said, “The time is now to disrupt the industry, we have
an exceptionally talented team that is focused on taking decisive actions to transform the business and seek out new
growth opportunities. Our Executive Management team is excited for double digit growth within our retail unit in the
coming years. Martha joins our team with a diverse background, and we look forward to her successful execution of our
long-term strategies.”

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