Belle Aire Creations Hire Announcement

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Belle Aire Creations is pleased to announce the hire of Denis Foley as Corporate Controller, effective April 19, 2021. Denis will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of financial management, including financial reporting and financial analysis. He will play a pivotal role in supporting financial growth of the organization. As a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and with extensive manufacturing and operations experience, Denis will be a valued team member. Denis has over 19 years of experience in accounting and business process improvements.


Stacey David, Chief Executive Officer of Belle Aire Creations states, “The Executive Board and I are thrilled to work with Denis Foley as our new Corporate Controller and we are confident that he will complement our strong performance oriented culture. As Belle Aire Creations expands in all areas of our business, we are excited to have a forward thinking financial professional to drive us into the future with better streamlined processes.”

About Belle Aire Creations

Belle Aire Creations was founded in 1982. We are a creative fragrance house offering the latest in perfumery, taste and malodor technology and trends along with excellent service and dependability. We will innovate and provide clear solutions to the complex technology, fragrance, flavor and ingredient challenges our customers face. Our corporate mindset is to establish quality through our team members which ensures product excellence for our partners to collaborate and create for the future.

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Belle Aire Creations creates and tracks fragrance trends while keeping up with industry, lifestyle and cultural shifts that influence our creative team, customers and their products. Our monthly newsletter, Senseful Insight™, is a sensorial exploration consisting of tailor made reports, company highlights and trending industry news that will inspire you to create and collaborate for the future.

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