Belle Aire Creations Promotion Announcement: Jeena James, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing

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Libertyville, Illinois, August 1, 2022

Belle Aire Creations is proud to announce the promotion of Jeena James to Senior Vice President of Global Marketing,
effective July 29, 2022. As Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, Jeena James will embark upon a strategic journey
of expanding the Belle Aire Creations marketing platform to resonate globally. In this newly created position, Ms. James
will lead a dynamic and dedicated marketing team through focused communication and aligned resource management
supporting the organization’s strategic goal of building a globally recognized brand, Belle Aire Creations Europe (BACE).
“We are proud and excited to announce Jeena’s appointment to this essential new role. Jeena is a natural and gracious
leader who has a sincere approach to client service, an approach that will bring significant value to our clients and drive
business growth for all”, said Stacey David, Chief Executive Officer. “Ms. James will enhance the Belle Aire Creations
Global Marketing team members with a deep amount of knowledge, talent, and drive that together weaves the
collaborative, solution-oriented culture that shines throughout our organization”.

Our goal is to offer strategies that allow our consumers both on the domestic and international front to think globally
and act locally. Ms. James will be a significant part of our continued expansion effort, working closely with our global
partnerships on branding, messaging, sales and training to promote efforts that will ultimately benefit all of the Belle
Aire Creation’s stakeholders through extended revenue growth. “This new role and initiative will be instrumental in
broadening our global reach with a focus on local partnerships, data-driven market research, and contextual insights to
develop strategies that maximize returns on marketing investments. The moment to act is now, it is quite clear that
there is a massive opportunity in front of us”, said Jeena James, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing.
Ms. James has over a decade of experience in Marketing, most recently in a management role at Belle Aire Creations as
Director of Marketing. She is an accomplished leader with a proven track record for driving growth, innovation, and
operational excellence. Jeena leads with a strong focus on creating engaging customer experiences that increase brand
relevance. Jeena will report directly to the CEO and will continue to manage both her existing domestic team as well as
onboarding new marketing resources as we expand internationally.

About Belle Aire Creations
Belle Aire Creations was founded in 1982. We are a creative fragrance house offering the latest in perfumery, taste and
malodor technology and trends along with excellent service and dependability. We will innovate and provide clear
solutions to the complex technology, fragrance, flavor and ingredient challenges our customers face. Our corporate
mindset is to establish quality through our team members which ensures product excellence for our partners to
collaborate and create for the future.

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