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Belle Aire Creations is honored to announce the promotions of the following team members: Keith Heery as Operations Director, John Neely as National Sales Manager and Melanie Widener as Creative Director effective January 1, 2021.

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Mundelein, Illinois, January 12, 2021

Belle Aire Creations is honored to announce the promotions of the following team members: Keith Heery as Operations Director, John Neely as National Sales Manager and Melanie Widener as Creative Director effective January 1, 2021. The team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the fragrance, flavor and malodor abatement industries among the domestic and global landscapes. Stacey David, Chief Executive Officer of Belle Aire Creations states, “Our continuous investment in people reinforces Belle Aire Creations reliability and stability as an industry leader. These individuals have the experience and fortitude to uphold our values, product offers and innovative solutions which are constantly improving the industry.”


Keith Heery joined Belle Aire Creations in 1996 as an Assistant Compounder who simultaneously worked in the Shipping & Receiving Department. Heery has been a significant part of the team for over 25 years and thus held several positions at Belle Aire Creations, including; Fragrance Compounder, Quality Control Technician, Quality Control Manager & Shipping/Receiving Manager and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2018. Heery is a quick study in his ability to deal with nearly any situation or challenge and he aligns himself with company strategic goals to over-deliver on client expectations and meet objectives at above industry standards. In 2020 Heery received his Certification in Production and Inventory Management while earning his most recent degree, an Associate of Supply Chain Management in the same year. Through his dedication to bringing next-generation solutions to our partners, Heery has now been promoted to Operations Director. In this role, Heery will foster an environment of accuracy, productivity and calculated risk. Heery will support management by building operational strategies to ensure the highest level of service to our partners.


John Neely joined Belle Aire Creations in 2018 as Senior Account Executive. Prior to joining Belle Aire Creations, Neely expanded his market expertise, sales acumen and built key relationships in his role as Technical Sales Representative at Orchidia Fragrances in 2015. Neely brings 20 years of experience driving revenue, profitably and performance through his tenure at Creative Fragrances LTD, which was owned by his father and President Craig Neely. Neely understands the importance of cultivating long-term partnerships which is an important step in gaining a greater understanding of shared values. With tremendous opportunities in the future, our sales team believes in delivering innovative fragrances, flavor and malodor abatement technologies that are solutions to match the evolving customer preferences. Through his promotion as National Sales Manager, Neely will secure new partnerships, increase brand engagement while guiding the team through leadership, direction and an executive vision to ensure alignment with the goals of our company.


Melanie Widener joined Belle Aire Creations in 1996. Her strong work ethic and foundation within the company has earned her 25 years of experience in the industry. Widener has an extremely well-rounded perspective of fragrance and thus earned the title of Evaluator in 2015. Her strongly balanced portfolio is composed of mass, niche, prestige and masstige brands that are evaluated for their changing fragrance patterns affecting the various key markets, including but not limited to, air care, home care, beauty and personal care. In 2018, she was promoted to Senior Evaluator where she worked closely with the creative teams on various briefs from inception to completion. Widener has now been promoted to Creative Director where she will further drive the company’s mission to spark chemistry and strategy between fragrances, marketing, our partners and consumers.

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Belle Aire Creations was founded in 1982. We are a creative fragrance house offering the latest in perfumery, flavor and malodor technology and trends along with excellent service and dependability. We will innovate and provide clear solutions to the complex technology, fragrance, flavor and ingredient challenges our customers face. Our corporate mindset is to establish quality through our team members which ensures product excellence for our partners to collaborate and create for the future.

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