Fragrance and Color

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Color touches our lives in many ways…

People gather to watch the spectacular and vibrant colors of a sunset as the sun sinks behind the horizon.
They enjoy the blue shades of the oceans and the gentleness of a powder blue sky.
We relish in the serenity of green forests and glorious blooms of summer and are moved by the beautiful and spiritual changes in spring and autumn.
We are also surrounded by the gleam of chrome, steel blue-grays of the city, reflective hues of glass and plastic and the shine of technology.
The fashion, home interiors, textile and other color focused industries collaborate several times each year to predict trends in color so that consumers are assured that their purchases coordinate throughout their decorating efforts.

Belle Aire’s marketing experts interpret these color forecasts into visionary stories to assure that our customers have this important information available to them for future product development. We also interpret these color trends into fragrance concepts that compliment the shades of tomorrow matching the fragrances trends for the future. When joined together, color and fragrance will form a harmony and balance for the total experience of the consumer. Your customer will be drawn to your products by sight, color and form and then will have their desire reinforced by a wonderful coordinating scent.

Be in the know with Senseful Insights

Belle Aire Creations creates and tracks fragrance trends while keeping up with industry, lifestyle and cultural shifts that influence our creative team, customers and their products. Our monthly newsletter, Senseful Insight™, is a sensorial exploration consisting of tailor made reports, company highlights and trending industry news that will inspire you to create and collaborate for the future.

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