New VP of Perfumery Announced

Belle Aire Creations promotes Don Conover, Jr. to Vice President of Perfumery and Research & Development.

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Belle Aire Creations promotes Don Conover, Jr. to Vice President of Perfumery and Research & Development. Conover will lead a team of perfumers and scientists bringing inspiring and innovative fragrances and technologies to the marketplace.

Throughout his 22 year tenure in Perfumery, Conover has achieved the highest levels of creativity and performance in fragrance. Conover has created memorable and winning experiences for brands throughout the industry. Through research and development, Conover will provide sustainable and safe ingredients to delight and evoke the senses.
Belle Aire Creations Executive Vice President Richard David said, “I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Don take a literal concept and bring it to life through scent. His work is no less than remarkable.”

Don Conover Jr Promotion Announcement.6-17

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