Oral Care

Consumers want their oral care products to feel clean and fresh, with a touch of fun. Flavor plays an important role in enhancing an oral care product’s appeal and we craft only the finest options for our partners, working closely with them to understand the exacting needs for their market.

We also provide long lasting freshness with our malodor abatement technology, Total Malodor Management™, promoting a sense of hygiene that’s critical to oral care consumers. We offer the latest and most compelling flavor profiles for some of today’s leading oral care products, including lip balm, mouth wash and toothpaste. A hint of Madagascar vanilla, tropical mango or invigorating Saigon cinnamon can enhance any lip care product and delight consumers with each application. Our proprietary NUMINTA™ technology is a complete oral care solution, combining our malodor abatement technology with mint or other flavors, making it perfect for use in mouth wash and toothpaste.

As consumers become more adventurous and explore non-traditional flavors in their oral care products, we closely monitor the latest trends to ensure our partners products have the most up-to-date and relevant flavor profiles for their products. Our flavor development process is a true collaboration between us and our partners and we cherish the experience of crafting memorable moments together.

Molecules chemical formulas

Total Malodor Management® (TMM®)

Our TMM® portfolio includes technology that has been especially formulated for oral care. This exclusive product line works by forming molecular complexes with the volatile sulfur compounds responsible for bad breath.

Clean, fresh breath is very important in our everyday lives. TMM Natural™ Oral Care effectively neutralizes bad breath for an extended period of time. Whether it’s halitosis or morning breath, or the after effects of eating garlic or onion, TMM Natural™ Oral Care was designed to render these malodorous molecules unperceivable, leaving the mouth feeling fresh and clean.

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