For many of us, our cars are a second home. Extended commuting times to and from work are a staple of everyday life and as parents spend ever more time shuttling kids from place to place, we’re paying ever greater attention to the indoor environment of our cars. Ensuring that it is pleasant and healthy and that it provides passengers and drivers alike an overall sense of well-being has become a priority.

Through our work with leading automotive care brands we are making sure time in the car is as comfortable as possible.

Our perfumers and creative teams know just how consumers want to feel when they get in their cars: refreshed, energized and safe. At Belle Aire Creations we employ a range of transporting scents to conjure those particular emotions.

We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to providing our partners with the solutions they need for their products. Our fragrances have become a distinguishing feature of many leading automotive care items that consumers use every day, including, car wash detergent, fabric care and conditioning, odor removal products, detailing, conditioning wax and tire cleaner. We work to ensure our scent solutions for both exterior and interior car care products always complement the performance abilities of the product and are as effective as they are pleasant to the senses.

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