Beauty and Personal

Scent is often the first way a consumer experiences a personal care product and it is a driving factor when making a purchasing decision. We ensure that the sensorial experiences associated with our partners’ personal care products are memorable ones that surprise and exceed expectations while complementing and reinforcing the performance of the product. 

We produce some of the most sought-after fragrances for the world’s most coveted personal care brands, developed in concert with our partners and utilizing up-to-the-minute market forecasts and only the best ingredients. Our innovations can be found in products across the personal care spectrum, including in bath care, hair care, hair fragrances, skin care, sun care, deodorant, and personal hygiene products.

We craft signature sensorial experiences that become representative of a brand’s identity. Our scents are derived from the finest sources, many with provenance factors and benefits such as Sicilian Lemon, Ayurvedic Turmeric, sun kissed patchouli and Mediterranean Lavender. Our team of perfumers, technicians and market specialists work directly with our partners to devise the exact customized fragrances that will capture the pure essence of a personal care product, entice and intrigue its intended target audience and drive long-term consumer loyalty.

drop of aloe vera serum for beauty product

Mini Compounds

We created Mini Compounds™, our simple but impactful fragrance formulas comprised of no more than five ingredients, to help our partners simplify their overall ingredient load and minimize label requirements.   

Partner to Create and Innovate