Home Décor

The perfect scent can transport us to faraway places, such as the lavender fields of Provence, the frangipani-infused hills of Bali, or a sun-kissed lemon grove in Chile, lifting our mood, sparking memories and creating new ones. Nowhere is this more evident than in the intimacy of the home where the simple act of lighting a candle or setting out a diffuser, wax melt or potpourri can provide a sensorial enhancement. 

We understand the impact fragrance can have on shaping experiences and providing a sense of well-being. We are focused on creating Home Fragrance creations for our partners that can be used to infuse the home with pleasing scents that become a staple of everyday lives. Our Home Fragrance innovations are designed to create uplifting moments and invite repeated use. 

Our scientific and technological expertise allows our perfumers to engineer world-class, market-leading fragrances that are a hallmark of consumers lives, delivering long-lasting freshness and comforting consistency in any environment while enhancing product performance. With a keen eye to the latest trends and shifts in consumer preference, we stay at the forefront of innovation and quality, shaping the future of the sensorial experience at home, which is why our partners seek us out again and again.

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Hydra Technology

Traditional reed diffusers, plug-in air fresheners and other liquid-based scent producing products typically use synthetic solvents for the fragrance, as they tend to perform better than natural ones. At Belle Aire Creations, we have developed our, patent pending Hydra Technology™ portfolio that allows us to use water as the primary carrier for fragrance in liquid-based products. This allows us to offer our partners greener and more sustainable fragrance formulas for use in numerous home décor products.

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