Whether washing dishes, doing laundry or cleaning the floors, our scent solutions for household care products provide a sensorial escape, whisking consumers away to a crisp mountain forest or a far-off island hideaway. Our goal is always to elevate the at-home experience and instill a sense of cleanliness and well-being, while reinforcing product effectiveness at the same time, enriching the lives of consumers.

As a leading provider of household care fragrances, our experts have years of experience creating captivating scents that turn the everyday act of cleaning and caring for the home into a memorable sensory experience imbued with the world’s most exquisite aromas, such as coastal lemon, mountain pine and palo santo. Our fragrances are found in products throughout the household care market including in laundry care, fabric care, detergents and softeners, dish soaps, surface cleaners, all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing liquids and garbage bags.

Our teams are constantly analyzing the market to stay ahead of trends while incorporating the latest scientific applications to ensure our fragrance innovations exceed expectations and fulfill customer desires. The world’s top brands rely on us again and again to enrich their household care products with transporting scent solutions that instill consumer loyalty and enhance brand image.

three little bottles with transparent sanitizing liquid


The sole of the shoe can contain unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our revolutionary, patented dual action SoleSpray™ technology is e­ffective on surfaces such as foot mats, welcome mats and entrance carpets. Its antimicrobial formula disinfects and protects homes and offices from tracked-in bacteria while our proprietary TMM® odor eliminating technology rids surfaces of any unwanted malodors. SoleSpray™ is also eff­ective and 100% safe for all other types of household and office surfaces.

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