Institutional and Industrial

Providing an environment that makes visitors feel welcome and at ease is important in settings such as hotels, hospitals and airports. The key is to ensure an overall sense of safety and cleanliness, which is why the scent of industrial cleaning and freshening products plays such a vital role.

Belle Aire Creations is a leader when it comes to providing ideal fragrance solutions for products and brands in the institutional and industrial market. Fragrance development for institutional and industrial cleaning products is highly specialized and requires a sophisticated scientific approach due to the array of chemical interactions involved. Our comprehensive development process allows us to address potential incompatibilities and prevent product performance issues ensuring a scent is performing the way it should, enhancing the effectiveness of the product and instilling a sense of well-being in a diverse array of settings.

Brands trust us to provide fragrances that are tailor made to the specific requirements of their products. Our product categories include metered aerosols for large spaces such as airports and hospitals, floor and surface cleaning agents, rug cleaning compounds or other industrial chemicals. We are dedicated to providing a sensorial experience that amplifies safety and hygiene wherever these products are used.

three little bottles with transparent sanitizing liquid


The sole of the shoe can contain unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses. Our revolutionary, patented dual action SoleSpray™ technology is e­ffective on surfaces such as foot mats, welcome mats and entrance carpets. Its antimicrobial formula disinfects and protects homes and offices from tracked-in bacteria while our proprietary TMM® odor eliminating technology rids surfaces of any unwanted malodors. SoleSpray™ is also eff­ective and 100% safe for all other types of household and office surfaces.

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