Now more than ever, pets are considered valued members of the family, sharing our living spaces with us, being present at mealtimes, traveling with us and often making themselves comfortable on our furniture. Today’s pet owners increasingly seek out premium products for their pets, paying keen attention to health and safety benefits and, of course, odor control.

As the trend of “pet parenting” has exploded, we’ve worked to stay ahead of consumer expectations by providing our partners in the pet industry with corresponding care products and solutions that meet this growing demand. Whether for use in cat litter, grooming products, pet fragrance, odor removal or freshness products, we ensure our products meet overall pet owner and brand satisfaction and improve the lives of beloved family pets.

All of our products are designed to be safe for pets, incorporating only the finest, safest ingredients. Since it is true that what smells good to a human may be unpleasant or even harmful to an animal, we make sure our products align with what is best for both parties so that pets and their owners can live harmoniously together at home or on the go and that the pet-human relationship can continue to flourish.

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