Total Malodor Management® Experience

Unwanted odors are an unavoidable fact of life. For many of our partners, making a product smell good is only part of creating an effective fragrance solution. The other part is ensuring their product contains the right technology to reduce the impacts of undesirable smells.

We provide complete and effective malodor abatement solutions with our industry leading Total Malodor Management® (TMM®) portfolio. Total Malodor Management® and Total Malodor Management Natural™ use proprietary processes such as our Molecular Malodor Recognition and additional technologies to effectively modify, neutralize and eliminate malodor on contact, without interfering with the base’s functional components. Our TMM® solutions can be used in laundry, animal, personal, home, industrial, and air care products, as well as other markets we are exploring.

TMM® Markets

Natural cleaning tools and products

TMM® Advanced

Air freshener in the store

TMM® Air

Dog hugs a cat under blanket

TMM® Animal

Young woman with chewing gum

TMM® Confectionery

Hairdresser washing hair

TMM® Hair

Wiping dust using a spray and a duster

TMM® Household

Coworkers moping the floor and a woman dusting a railing in an office

TMM® Institutional and Commercial

Smelling clean clothes and smiling while doing laundry

TMM® Laundry

Happy couple bonding while brushing teeth in the bathroom

TMM® Oral

Couple hugging in apartment

TMM® Personal

Our TMM® portfolio is more than 90% effective against eliminating the most common malodors including methyl mercaptan (garbage), isovaleric acid (feet), indole (bathroom), pyroligneous acid (cigarette smoke) and trans 3-methyl 2-hexenoic acid (sweat).

Sensory and Solid Phase Micro Extraction tests prove it: No other malodor technology on the market is as effective as TMM® when targeting specific compounds associated with everyday unwanted smells. TMM® offer a unique opportunity for our partners to boost their brand’s value with market-leading performance claims.

Safe for Consumers
Safe for the Environment

TMM Natural™ is certified and listed with CleanGredients, a database of chemical ingredients used in cleaning products that have been pre-approved to meet the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Standard. The Safer Choice label helps identify cleaning products that are safe for consumers and the environment. TMM Natural™ also meets the requirements for our partners who are seeking to have their products certified by ECOCERT, one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world.

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