Total Malodor Technology

Our TMM® portfolio allows us to offer proven malodor abatement technology to support our partners brands. Both TMM® and TMM® Natural formulations are scientifically created to capture malodor molecules and prevent them from reaching the nose — without interfering with the base’s functional components. With more than 90% efficacy, TMM® is more effective at malodor reduction than the antimicrobial materials that are used in many products.

A TMM® formulation can be used in conjunction with an array of many different fragrance types. Removal of the malodor by capture frees up the fragrance to do its job of improving the overall experience of the product and improving the mood of the consumer.

Long-Lasting Performance

TMM® forms molecular complexes with malodor molecules, essentially latching on to them. This prevents the malodor molecules from entering the air, drastically reducing their concentration in the airspace and decreasing unwanted smells.

TMM® can be combined with or incorporated into many unique, proprietary, patented and/or blended fragrances. TMM® solutions help manage the complexities of every unique malodor, balancing product composition and compounds with an emphasis on the selected method of dispensing.

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