Marketing Insights

Inspired by the world around them, the unparalleled creativity of our marketing insights team is an asset both to Belle Aire Creations and to our partners. They play a pivotal role in developing winning, unique and on-trend sensorial experiences that translate into long-term successes for our partners’ businesses.

A product will only succeed if it resonates with consumers. This truth is at the core of successful product development, which is why our team puts so much emphasis on market analysis and understanding what the consumers wants and needs are.

The team taps into a wide variety of global trend sources, including consumer insight studies and world-renowned market research databases to develop our trend analyses and predications. We also incorporate insights into our thinking gleaned from our in-person excursions to trend epicenters such as New York, Miami and even France, to develop our one-of-a-kind winning solutions.

Our inspiration comes from every facet of the consumer experience, including:

Cultures/Travel Color Trends Fashion/Beauty Health/Wellness Packaging Design Home Interiors Media/Entertainment Environment Culinary/Beverage
Mini fridge for keeping skincare, makeup and beauty product cool

Marketing Methodology

We are open-minded in our thinking but exacting in our approach. It is this combination of free-spirited creativity and precision that allows us to deliver unique and consumer-preferred products for our partners. 

We study the market closely for the most relevant insights and apply our own creative and innovative thinking to create tailor-made solutions. That is our winning methodology for our creative success.

Be in the know with Senseful Insights

Belle Aire Creations creates and tracks fragrance trends while keeping up with industry, lifestyle and cultural shifts that influence our creative team, customers and their products. Our monthly newsletter, Senseful Insight™, is a sensorial exploration consisting of tailor made reports, company highlights and trending industry news that will inspire you to create and collaborate for the future.

Curating Trends

Our resources help us to shape and build our emerging trends into creative insights for our partners, but most importantly they help us to create innovative scents for your product development needs.

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