Regulatory and Quality


Maintaining the highest safety standards and adhering to market regulations is critical in the fragrance, flavor and malodor abatement industry. Therefore, it is important to have a partner who understands the complexity of the regulatory market and stays apprised of the latest developments.

Our regulatory team plays an important role at Belle Aire Creations, supporting our partners so that their products are compliant for the various markets where they operate. We are also active in numerous industry associations and have a seat at the table when important regulatory discussions occur. Jeremy David, Belle Aire Creations Executive Vice President, sits on the Board of Directors at the Fragrance Creators Association, the group responsible for helping to shape regulatory standards for our industry. 

We have implemented an advanced regulatory and environmental health and safety software system for all fragrances and flavors we supply that measures our formulations against the following standards and requirements: GHS SDS, EU allergen statement, IFRA statement, and California’s Prop 65 statement. We provide our partners with effortless access to regulatory documentation through our use of LISAM technology, in addition to providing access to external documentation portals for further ease of use.

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Our Regulatory team members follow all IFRA requirements and adheres to the IFRA Code of Practice. The International Fragrance Association represents the interests of the fragrance industry worldwide. Its mission is to promote the safe use of fragrance ingredients and mixtures for everyone’s enjoyment. The IFRA Code of Practice is the fragrance industry’s commitment to ensuring best practice in our industry.
At Belle Aire Creations we abide by the ISO 9235 when using raw materials in our formulations. ISO 9235 is a global, industry-recognized standard for the process of extracting and utilizing natural materials. This means we never utilize chemical means for extraction of our raw materials, use synthetic ingredients or chemically modify the plants we use. The ISO 9235 Standard applies to any raw material from a plant such as essential oils, resins, and extracts.
Our partner for tailored solutions for Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance. The software solutions and content enable the efficiency and effective management of materials information relating to regulatory compliance, hazard communication, environmental reporting, and inventory management through every phase of our product life cycle. Together we stand behind the promise of a world where safety information and regulatory data will be accessible for all our partners.
Our user-friendly communication platform which allows direct communication with our partners and an efficient exchange of information online. Our partners will have 24/7 access to critical safety information on this supply chain platform, which is secure, compliant, provides flexibility and ensures efficiency.


We are proud of our strong reputation for high-quality standards at Belle Aire Creations. Our quality control team is known for their reliability and consistency through our vast system of performance testing. 

Our team provides raw material and finished product testing services to support production in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices and requirements and generates comprehensive documentation for all of our products. The processes, systems, and controls that we have set up ensure that our partners product specifications are clearly defined and consistently met.

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