We are committed to creating and maintaining a thriving planet for future generations. 

At Belle Aire Creations, sustainability means managing our company with a long-term view towards positively influencing the environment, our people and the communities in which we serve. We recognize our responsibility and seek to embed sustainability in our strategy as we grow. 

Our approach is focused on reducing our own impact and we continually look for ways to minimize the environmental footprint of our manufacturing operations and offices. We are confident that the creativity of our team members and partners will help us maximize our efforts and will allow us to continue to deliver positive change. 

Belle Aire Creations has a robust company-wide recycling program and are committed to reducing our waste through recycling. We have recycled more than 34 tons of materials, including paper, cardboard, steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood. This is a positive expression of our ongoing dedication to providing sustainable recycling options. Our commitment to environmental sustainability will only grow in the future as we continue our efforts to recycle more than 100 tons of material year over year. 

As a chemical fragrance and flavor manufacturer, it is our duty to ensure responsible wastewater collection. We work with leading third-party experts to ensure our wastewater is collected and disposed of following the regulations of local authorities and without threat to local water sources.

Sustainability in Everything We Do

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Recognizing our impact on the environment

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Delivering responsible, fair quality service

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Supply Chain

Striving to positively influence our entire supply chain

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Ensuring our people are safe, secure, and connected

Partner to Create and Innovate